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College selection and the overall application process can be a daunting task for students who are seeking admission in their native or other states. This is when we come into play and help those students with the complete admission process. As per students’ needs, we provide them with a wide range of college options for getting admissions. Whether you need admission to medical college, engineering college, or MBA college, we have got you covered.

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The right higher education course can be the key to your success. Professional career counseling can be helpful to you and help you shape your career. You must choose a dedicated course based on your strengths to witness progress in your future. Also, it is necessary to choose the right career consultant who is well-experienced and has wide information about several colleges and courses. You can rely on us for the best career consultant. 

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Career assessment is all about finding which career is perfectly suitable for you. These assessments are made on the basis of personal attributes such as preferences, skills, motivations, aptitude, etc. With the help of these factors only, one’s professional satisfaction and success rate is determined. Therefore it is highly recommended to have a proper career assessment done before you get into professional studies.

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We basically brings information about the college and career options in medical college.

We help students by providing college review on the basis of courses specialization, entrance exam, cut off, fee structure, scholarship, analytics counselling and much more career guidance.

We help students in admission also.

FAQ - MBBS Admission 2024

1. What are the minimum marks for AIIMS Delhi MBBS Admission 2024?

AIIMS Delhi’s MBBS admission criteria typically require candidates to score above a certain
percentile in the NEET exam. For taking MBBS Admission in India there is the specific
cutoff marks that may vary each year. Stay updated with official notifications from AIIMS,
NEET authorities and for the latest information on minimum qualifying

2. Can I apply for any state MBBS college with my NEET score?

Yes, you can apply for MBBS Admission in India any state based on your NEET score. The
NEET score is a national eligibility criterion for most medical colleges across India, including
state colleges. However, different states may have additional eligibility criteria or reservation
policies, so it’s advisable to check the specific requirements of the desired state’s medical

3. How many years do I need for my MBBS?

Pursuing an MBBS in India typically requires five and a half years, including a one-year
internship. The academic phase consists of four and a half years, followed by the internship.
The course structure includes both theoretical and practical training, covering various medical
disciplines to prepare students for a career in medicine.

4. Can I take MBBS Admission 2024 without NEET 2024?

No, NEET is a mandatory entrance examination for MBBS admission in India. Without a
valid NEET score, you cannot secure admission to any medical college for the academic year
2024. Ensure you prepare thoroughly for NEET and meet the required cutoff to increase your
chances of getting admission to your preferred institution.

5. Is MBBS costly?

MBBS in India can be relatively expensive, the cost varies among institutions, with private
medical colleges generally having higher fees than government colleges. Additionally, factors
like hostel fees, living expenses, and study materials contribute to the overall cost. Students
often explore scholarship options or government-sponsored programs to alleviate the financial
burden associated with pursuing a medical degree.

FAQ - NEET Admission 2024

1. What will be the pattern of NEET 2024?

The NEET 2024 exam will comprise 200 multiple-choice objective-type questions, with candidates expected to respond to 180 MCQs. Graded on a total of 720 marks, the examination categorizes each subject into two sections: Section A and Section B.

2. Will NEET 2024 be online?

NEET 2024 will be conducted offline at designated exam centres by the organising committee. The test, scheduled from 2 PM to 5:20 PM, will include 200 questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, with candidates required to answer 180 questions.

3. Is NEET MCQ based?

Regarding the NEET exam pattern, it is a paper-pencil-based test lasting 3 hours and 20 minutes. There are 200 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and candidates must attempt 180 of them.

4. Can we attempt all 200 questions in NEET?

Under the new NTA pattern, NEET 2022 features a total of 200 questions, and candidates need to attempt a minimum of 180 questions. The questions are presented in a Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) format, with two sections for each subject – Section A and Section B.

5. Will NEET 2024 be NCERT-based?

The NEET 2024 syllabus adheres to a fixed structure that is NCERT-based. Aspiring candidates for NEET 2024 are advised to follow NTA guidelines for the medical exam.

College Stroria Paid Counselling Services

Collegestoria offers paid counselling services to help you easily secure admission to your dream MBBS, MD, or MS university. Our expert counsellors provide personalised guidance throughout the process. We assist in university selection, considering your academic profile and career goals. Our comprehensive support includes preparing a strong application that highlights your strengths. We streamline the admission process, ensuring a seamless journey towards your desired program. With our paid counselling, you can confidently navigate the complexities of admissions and increase your chances of getting into your dream university. Join us today to make your dream fly.

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