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How Can I Get Direct MD/MS Admission in India?

MD/MS Admission in India: After the completion of MBBS and Internship, a doctor is eligible for the NEET PG Entrance Exam. After qualifying for the NEET PG one can get MD/MS admission, the post-graduate course for medical students. However, the competition for PG medical courses is very high and the number of seats is also […]

College Storia – NEET PG admission in India

NEET PG Admission in India: Candidates who want to apply for Admission in NEET PG must be aware of the examination’s eligibility requirements. Failure to pay attention to minor details in the eligibility criteria may result in the application being rejected. The eligibility criteria have been established in accordance with the provisions of the Indian […]

NRI Quota Admission In NEET- Eligibility, MBBS Admission

NRI Quota admission IN INDIA: There is a large number of students who choose medical colleges in India. The Medical Council of India, or MCI, governs medical education in India. The NEET UG score is used to determine admission to India’s most renowned private and government medical colleges. Aside from that, 15% All India quota, 85% […]

Studying MBBS in India can be an excellent way to save money while pursuing a medical degree.

Studying MBBS in India can be an excellent way to save money while pursuing a medical degree, there is immense abroad MBBS value in India as students are well-equipped with the right skills and knowledge to get started. Here are some points to support that a MBBS degree can be a lot beneficial than it seems […]


One of the favorite destinations for the medical study is India. India is known for its state-of-the-art educational facilities, training and research. Medical colleges in India are ranked among the top colleges in the world. Apart from that, India is a place known to provide a pleasant and safe environment for students. The cost of […]

Top 5 Private medical colleges in Bangalore: Fee, Eligibility

You want to pursue an MBBS degree in Bangalore, right? Let me give you a detailed overview of the top 5 private medical colleges in Bangalore. Bangalore the Silicon Valley of India is not only known for providing opportunities to IT professionals but also to aspirants who want to earn their MBBS degree. Medical Colleges […]

Benefits of MBBS in Nepal

One of the most lucrative and famous occupations for Indian students is medicine. Nearly 18 lakh students in India want to pursue MBBS and build a successful career in medicine. However, for admission, a student has to qualify National Eligibility cum Entrance test. However, only a few students qualify for NEET and get enrolled in […]

Top 7 Delhi Medical Colleges 2023-24

Delhi is highly acknowledged and appreciated for providing the best educational facilities in India. Medical Schools in Delhi are renowned for top-notch facilities and infrastructure and these two factors have contributed a lot towards making Delhi – the education hub of India. MBBS aspirants can pursue their education at the best colleges and universities in […]

Top 7 Colleges for MBBS in India in 2023-24

MBBS in India is one of the highly attractive career options in India. Almost every second person in India in their childhood had dreamt about having a stethoscope clinging to their chest, or adding the prefix “Dr” to their name. MBBS in India attracts the majority of students because of the affordable cost of living. […]