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Medical admission counselling in nepal

One of the most lucrative and famous occupations for Indian students is medicine. Nearly 18 lakh students in India want to pursue MBBS and build a successful career in medicine. However, for admission, a student has to qualify National Eligibility cum Entrance test. However, only a few students qualify for NEET and get enrolled in the top government colleges in India. For others, the only option left is to study MBBS in private medical colleges, which is quite difficult because of the high expenses and tuition fees.

Furthermore, the students who don’t qualify for NEET aspire to pursue their MBBS abroad. And one of the best options available for them is to study in Nepal. Nepal offers MBBS degrees at a very low cost. The cost of earning an MBBS degree is comparatively low in Nepal compared to other private institutes in India. Apart from that, all the medical institutes in Nepal are recognized by WHO and NMC, which makes MBBS in Nepal a very reliable option for Indian Students.

The country of Nepal is growing at a great speed, for students who want to choose Nepal as the destination of pursuing their graduation exposes a student to various facets of medicine and other avenues. Nepali institutes are well known for their top facilities, hospitality, pleasing environment and many other positive aspects.


Benefits of Pursuing MBBS in Nepal.

The advantages of pursuing your medicine in Nepal are ample. From the location to the learning environment, it provides Indian students with numerous opportunities, allowing them to feel at ease in all aspects. The following are the benefits of studying MBBS in Nepal for Indian students:


  • Recognition

    : All the MBBS colleges in Nepal are NMC recognized. So, all the students who earn an MBBS degree in Nepal are internationally valued and recognized.


  • Duration

    : The MBBS in Nepal takes five and a half years. In the first four years, students are made aware of the theoretical aspect of medicine. And after students have to g through a compulsory internship program.


  • Staff

    : Most of the teaching staff in Nepal’s medical colleges are Indians. All the top NMC-recognized colleges have highly skilled professors committed to the welfare of all MBBS students.


  • Comfortable Study environment

    : The environment in Nepal is quite similar to India; the food habits and other aspects are quite identical which makes it a very comforting place for MBBS students of India.


  • Language

    : The entire MBBS course in Nepal is In the English language. So, a student does not have to learn a new language.


  • Visa Requirement

    : Due cordial relationship between India and Nepal there is no Visa requirement for travelling to Nepal for Indians.


  • Internships:

    After the completion of four years a student can apply for an internship. This will give real-world experience to the student and enhance his knowledge to serve society better.


  • Scholarships

    : institutions In Nepal provide various scholarship programs for deserving students who want to continue their education in the field of medicine.


  • Cost of living

    : MBBS in Nepal is one the most affordable option for a student with a low-income background.


  • Technology:

    Medical Colleges in Nepal are well equipped with cutting-edge technology. All the institutions provide the best medical instruments, equipment, and other technology to provide an edge to students pursuing their degree in Nepal.


There are plenty of benefits for a student who wants to earn an MBBS at a very affordable cost with world-class facilities. We have provided a huge raft of enticing benefits that a medical aspirant must know. If your doubts still remain unanswered then you can take the assistance of Collegestoria Counsellors. We have professional career coaches who can help you achieve only the best you deserve.

Benefits of MBBS in Nepal

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