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The eagerly awaited JEE Main Syllabus for 2024 has been unveiled by the National Testing Agency (NTA), bringing about notable changes. Aspiring engineering students, gear up as we delve into the modifications in the syllabus for Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics, along with insights into the B.Arch and B.Planning sections.

Changes in JEE Main Syllabus 2024:

The updated syllabus, accessible on, has bid farewell to 11 chapters, reshaping the landscape for JEE Main aspirants. A significant shift is seen in Chemistry, where 9 chapters have been omitted, while Physics and Maths bid adieu to 1 and 2 chapters, respectively. This revision aligns JEE Main with the NCERT rationalization implemented in 2020, emphasizing a focused and concise curriculum.

Deleted Chapters:

Among the casualties are chapters like Surface Chemistry, States of Matter, and Mathematical Reasoning, signalling a shift towards understanding core concepts rather than rote memorization.

Preparing for JEE Main 2024:

Given the higher competition with 12.3 lakh registrations for the January session alone, effective preparation is crucial. Chapter-wise weightage analysis reveals a 40-60 split between Class 11 and 12 topics in previous question papers. The revised syllabus mandates strategic preparation, and Collegestoria recommends taking advantage of free JEE Main 2024 Mock Tests and practising chapter-wise PYQs.

Physics Syllabus 2024:

The Physics syllabus now comprises 20 chapters, with Communication Systems existing. The emphasis remains on theory (80%) and practical sections (20%), covering a spectrum from Physics and Measurement to Experimental Skills.

Chemistry Syllabus 2024:

Chemistry undergoes the most changes, with 8 deleted chapters. The 20 units in Chemistry are divided into Physical, Inorganic, and Organic Chemistry. Aspirants must adapt their strategies to the modified syllabus, and formula sheets become valuable aids for quick reference.

Mathematics Syllabus 2024:

Mathematics sees a reduction to 14 chapters with the exclusion of Mathematical Induction and Reasoning. Regardless of the JEE paper—B.Tech, B.Arch, or B.Planningthe syllabus remains consistent. From Sets and Relations to Statistics and Probability, the core remains intact.

B.Arch and B.Planning Syllabus:

For B.Arch, Mathematics holds a 25% weightage, while Drawing and Aptitude contribute 25% and 50%, respectively. B. Planning maintains a similar structure, emphasizing Aptitude, Mathematics, and Planning equally.

JEE Main Exam Pattern 2024:

  • Computer-based test for B.Tech and B.Planning, with B.Arch including a drawing test in pen and paper mode.
  • Three sections for all three papers: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics for B.Tech; Mathematics, Aptitude, Drawing/Planning for B.Arch and B.Planning.
  • Duration: 3 hours for all papers.
  • Negative marking: -1 for each incorrect answer.

In conclusion, The changes in the JEE Main Syllabus 2024 necessitate a recalibration of preparation strategies. Collegestoria encourages aspirants to embrace the modifications, focus on understanding core concepts, and make optimal use of resources. As the academic journey unfolds, may every JEE Main aspirant find success in the pursuit of their engineering dreams.

JEE Mains Syllabus 2024 (Out), New Syllabus for Chemistry, Physics, Maths, B.Arch and B.Planning

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