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Admission in NEET PG

Becoming a doctor is a dream come true for thousands of students, students work day and night for years to get admission to their dream college just after the 10th board students enter the institutes that give competitive coaching to students to clear prestigious NEET exams.

But sometimes some students don’t get admission to their dream college even after a tremendous amount of hard work they have done in 2-3 years. There can be a lot of problems but let’s not discuss that part.

Now what we can do in this situation, should we just think that our career is over or wait for an entire year to study all those notes again and give it a try?

No, don’t worry there are some other ways as well by which you can take admission to your dream college. You must be wondering, how?

Let’s take a deep dive into how the admission process works. Colleges announce their cut off then students apply to the institutes and take admissions, based on their marks obtained in the NEET exam. But can you take admission through this process?

After the admission by the all-India quota, the seats which are left are for the management quota. It is nothing but some seats reserved for management so that their children can take admission easily. Here comes our role, we CollegeStoria have connections in different colleges that can help you to get in. After getting admission to the college you will get the same opportunities as others you just have to be attentive and alert to grab them.

But there’s a catch even in management quota you have to clear the exam. If your marks are less than the passing criteria, don’t worry go for another try and aim for your dream university.

Clearing the NEET exam is the first step you should do no matter what, only after that doors to management quota open.



Don’t worry if you do not have enough numbers in the NEET exam. We are here to help you to get into a respectable college so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities. Things happen but if you manage the best out of it, that is a real achievement. Don’t lose your motivation and dedication to become a good doctor. As doctors should be strong-hearted people so that they can handle any possible situation.

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